Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Black Swan Halloween Look using all Bare Escentuals

Hi Beauties,
 When I saw the Black Swan I absolutely fell in love with the makeup. I told my sis "I have to wear that for Halloween!!" So I created the look using all BE products!!
 I first drew the outline for the eye makeup shape with Buxom Insider in Pearl. You don't want to apply the white powder on to the eye area. You want the black to go directly on the skin later.  Since I have tan skin I had to lighten it up. I used Emphasize It to lighten my skin tone. I buffed it on all over my face using a Heavenly Face Brush. I then used Velvet Cream with a Full Tapered Shadow Brush to make the area under my eyes & my t-zone pale white. Now I used Round The Clock liner in Midnight to draw the outline for the black winged eye makeup. Once that is done, I used Buxom Smoky Stick in Smokin Pistol to to color the entire area black. make sure you stay in the lines. I then used a Full Edge Liner Brush to make the metallic silver stripes with Extreme Glimmers Silver. On my lips I used Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in Fresno for the outline then Barcelona in the inner part of the lip. I used a lip brush to gradually fade the colors into one another. I also did my hands. I applied eye primer to the top of my hands & buffed Soft Black eyeshadow on them & then Sterling Silver along the center of my fingers.
 Its simple & easy. The hardest part is making the eye designs identical. everything else is a breeze. Hope you like it!


Love & Extreme Glimmer Sparkles, Jess

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bare Escentuals Putting On The Glitz Review & Swatches

Hello Beauties,
 OK Get ready for this one!! If you haven't spent your 20% off Friends & Family coupon from Sephora, now is the time!!! PUTTING ON THE GLITZ is definitely the kit to get.
 First thing I noticed on the shelf was this box with a photo of the most beautiful model ever! She has beautiful tan skin & the kit looks so amazing on her. Now you turn the box around & there is so much sparkly goodness you don't know where to begin!
 Upon opening the box & unwrapping the contents from the tissue, I find the most BEAUTIFUL bag BE has EVER done for a kit! Its a gorgeous champagne clutch covered in iridescent sparkles! In my best Agnes impersonation from Despicable Me "Its so sparkly I could die!" lol So after I spend a good 20 minutes staring at the bag, I moved on to the rest of the beauties! Next up the radiance! It's a sheer pink with pink & champagne colored sparkles. The blush is medium pink with very finely milled shimmer. The primer is a primer shadow that is a taupe base with gold shimmer. The two loose mineral shadows are absolutely gorgeous! The light one is a soft cream sheen with champagne & gold twinkles. The dark one *gasp* is the most stunning purple BE has ever made & believe me I know cause I own them all. It's a deep rich purple base with iridescent purple, deep & pink pink & diamond sparkles. I wish my words could do this color justice! The gloss is the shade I have searched years for!! Its that vanilla beige rose that every woman needs in her makeup collection. I can't tell you how many brands & shades I have tried on looking for this shade! So happy BE answered my perfect shade prayer! The liner is there new waterproof formula which I adore! The liner is a deepest purple shade. You also get a full size volumizing mascara & a super soft double ended brush. And there was also a sample pack of the Naturally Luminous Duo.
  Not sure that you need to hear the next few lines but I will share this with you anyway. This is BE's BEST holiday kit! It has all you need for a glamorous look. The clutch is large enough to fit my Blackberry, a gloss, a small wallet & my keys so it is something you can use for a night out. If I had to rate this on a ten point scale, I would give it a hundred!!!

Prime Time Primer Shadow in Toasted Almond (iced coffee)
Glamtastic (warm champagne luster)
Glitz (smoky plum sparkle)
Round The Clock Waterproof Eyeliner in 5 pm (deep plum)
Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black
Blush in Gorgeous (petunia pink)
All-Over Face Color in Luxe Radiance (apricot pink)
Pretty Amazing Lipgloss in Perky (warm rose)
Double-Ended Luxe Cheek & Eye Brush
Sparkling clutch
Application tip poster
Naturally Luminous Duo

PUTTING ON THE GLITZ is currently available at Sephora stores & SEPHORA online for $54. However if you get it now through November 2nd with your F&F code the collection will cost you $43.20!
 So what are you waiting for? Jump on it before Friends & Family Sales is over!

Love & Glitz Sparkles,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bare Escentuals Bare Luxury November TSV Review & Swatches

Hi Beauties!
  Finally after traveling 4 days, it arrived! This is the first shipment of the Auto Delivery plan for BE's first READY TSV! I have been anxiously awaiting to get this so when Rene aka UPS guy arrived with this, I did a happy dance!!
 When I open the box I was super psyched! I quick reached for my lip brush & the dark lip gloss Dare Devil. I notice the scent is really strong, like licorice mint. I open the lighter shade Wild One and that scent was 10 times worse! I wore it for a bit & notice a pounding headache in the midst. Not good! I'm not sensitive to many scents, except for some sweet ones. This was just way to much for me. I wanted to love these cause I know its suppose to be the BE Boutiques version of Buxom but this in no way comes anywhere near Buxom. It does tingle, but I couldn't tell you much about them since I had to take it off. Just talking about it makes my head hurt. The liners are the new formula Round the Clock waterproof. The colors are gorgeous!! The blue is a true deep royal blue. The brown one has these really cool shimmers to it. I notice that if you smudge the brown one before it dries, you get this amazing glimmery liner. It has green, gold & bluish green glimmer that really shines through when smudged. The Ready palette is not a favorite. I have tan skin & if I wear those shadows particularly the purple one as it says in the application tip card, I would look like a reject from the 80's. The shades are nice however, BE could have done better by pairing the purple with a darker purple or the gold with a deep bronze. In the card it explains how you are suppose to wear these as 1 eye shadow with liner. I don't even know if I have ever worn just 1 eyeshadow. The brushes are super soft & have these beautiful gold handles. The Rose Gold Radiance has been a favorite of mine since it was released in a jumbo jar about 2 years ago. Its a soft rosy base with a light gold shimmer. The lids are really pretty, mirror gold lids & casing for the READY & the gold sparkly clutch is just gorgeous!! 
 I'm not loving this because the shadows don't match, they are way off for my skin, the glosses stink to me & gave me a horrific pounding headache. I am loving on the clutch, liners, brushes & radiance. I don't hate the Ready shades but anyone my skin tone or darker will have to wear this with other shades.These worn alone are not a good look nor a good idea for someone with tan skin.
Ready 2.0 Azure Iris (lavender) & Golden Iris (amber)
Round the Clock 10PM (mocha)
Round the Clock Noon (navy)
Marvelous Moxie Wild Card (peach sheen)
Marvelous Moxie Dare Devil (berry sorbet)
Rose Gold Radiance (lustrous rose)
Gold glitter clutch
Application tip booklet
Gold handle Flawless Face Brush
Gold handle Full Tapered Shadow Brush

I'm not sure if I will be keeping this. I don't think 2 liners are worth the cost of the kit.

 You can currently purchase the November TSV from QVC for $49.98.

 NOTE: Please remember that this is my personal opinion of the item being reviewed. I do have a few friends that like this formula lip gloss & the scent does not bother them. I also have friends that have returned their TSV's because like me, they can not stomach the scent of the glosses. So its a personal choice whether your keep this or send it back based on your individual experience.


Bare Escentuals Strike It Rich Review & Swatches

Hi Beauties,
  Strike it Rich is another part of BE's Holiday releases. It's a set of 5 mini shadow primers. The set includes one silver, 2 bronze shades & 2 golden shades. Three of the primers in this kit were previously released so I just took photos at the store & swatched them for you from the testers. If you don't own any of these, I would recommend it as it is a great set. I couldn't justify the purchase cause I have full sizes of 3 out of the 5 pieces. That being said, I do love primer shadows & the 2 newer shades are really pretty so I'm stalking on ebay ;)
 Bronzed Twig is a deep brown with gold shimmer.  Gunmetal is a gorgeous metallic grey with silver glimmer. Sundance is a golden orange base with golden shimmer. Gold Nugget is a yellow base with gold shimmer. Sandalwood is a medium bronze base with light bronze shimmer. All the shades are beautiful. This formula is long lasting. I like to apply it over a sheer base of regular primer shadow for extra hold.

Primer Shadow in Sundance (sunlit peach)
Primer Shadow in Bronzed Twig (iced chocolate)
Primer Shadow in Gold Nugget (radiant gold)
Primer Shadow in Gunmetal (midnight silver)
Primer Shadow in Sandalwood (golden taupe)

You can currently purchase Strike It Rich from the Bare Escentuals website for $28. It will also be available in Boutiques by mid November.

Peace & Sparkles,

OCC Lip Tar, Loose Colour & Glitter

Hey Beauties,
 I stopped by OCC Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics store on Ludlow in Manhattans Lower East Side. I was welcomed by these 2 wonderful women. They spoke to me about their products & explained how everything is vegan & 100% Cruelty -Free which made me super happy. There beauty store is set up nicely with a long salon style vanity mirror along the left side of the store with bar height directors chairs. Along the right is their makeup displays where you can try all their products. The displays are beautiful. Everything is set up by shades which is how I have my makeup collections at home so I loved it!
  I started with the Lip Tar. OMG I'm in love! I picked up NSFW which is a beautiful blue base red. Their Lip Tar comes in a tube like a gloss. They go on like a gloss but they have the stay power of a lipstick. They are amazing!! And you need the tiniest amount of product. A little goes a long way with these which is super cool! Next I moved on to their eye shadows called Loose Colour in Static. OMG this is the prettiest lilac I have ever seen anywhere!! It is this lilac/periwinkle with a pink duochrome. Its truly gorgeous. Their Loose Colours are nicely pigmented. I did bot dry & wet application with it & the color stays so true. No fading here! I also picked up one of their Cosmetic Glitter in Pink and one of their Nail Lacquers in Spanglemaker. The glitter is fine cosmetic glitter. Of course who isn't happy to see pink glitter?? Dab some over your favorite pink gloss for a gorgeous sparkle effect ;) The polish is a pure metallic silver with silver twinkles. Really pretty! I have been wearing it for 2 days & I love it. I will let you know how long it last without chipping by the end of the week.
 I absolutely love OCC. They had me at first swatch! I can see myself collecting everything they make! Easily!!

The makeup

The polish

OCC Loose Colour is $12 for 2.5g , the Glitter is $12 for 2.5g , the Lip Tar is $13 and the polish is $8. And for bloggers, they offer 20% off! How wonderful is that?? I LOVE THIS PLACE!!

Love & OCC Pink Sparkles,

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Checked out OCC

Hey Beauties!
Went into the city with my sister & my girlfriend Jenn for a MUFE in Sephora. The MUFE counter was so rude to us! We shifted over to Sephora to check out some makeup!! Got BE Putting on The Glitz! Review coming soon! Also picked up Bobbi Brown's mineral foundation. Awesome!! But the hit of the day? Our trip to OCC ~ Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics!! OMG ladies this stuff is amazing!!!! First off the staff is so sweet! Greet you with open arms & so eager to help but not in a pushy way! They introduced us to Lip Tar which is the most amazing lip product ever! I also picked up a polish, eye shadow pigment (wait till you see the color) & a pink glitter! Of course how can the day go by without a little sparkle?? I can't wait to review these products for you! And don't worry, I will include links to their online store for you!!
Have a sparkly weekend!
Love & Pink OCC Sparkles,
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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sephora Friends & Family Sale!!

Hi Beauties,
 If you don't have a code for Friends & Family yet, here is your chance!!  SEPHORA FRIENDS & FAMILY 2011 is a little different this year. They are giving "one use only" codes per email so CLICK HERE for you personal link to the F&F sale!! From today till Nov 2 you will save 20% off your online purchase!
  To save extra, click here to sign up for EBATES and get an additional 4% cash back!
Have fun shopping!!!!
Peace & Sparkles,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Look Of The Day Velvet's meet Afterparty

Hi Beauties,
 Today I did a really soft, matte look & I thought you would enjoy it. I used Velvet Mauve, Velvet Charcoal, Nouveau, Onyx & Rowdy & Lights Out from the Afterparty Ready 4.0

 Here is how you can recreate this look:
* Eye Primer
* The colors listed above
* A Double-Ended Precision Brush
* Tapered Crease Defining Brush
* 3 Tapered Shadow Brushes
* Soft Focus Shadow Brush
* Full Edge Liner Brush
* Weather Everything

First apply Primer, then buff on Nouveau from crease to brow with a Tapered Crease Defining Brush. Apply, in a dabbing motion, Velvet Mauve from inner 1/3 of lid to the center~from lash to crease~with a Tapered Eyeshadow Brush. Apply Rowdy to the center of lid towards the outer 1/3~from lash to crease~with a Tapered Shadow Brush. Then apply Velvet Charcoal on the outer 1/3~from lash to crease~with a Tapered shadow Brush. Now with the pointy side of the Double Ended Precision Brush apply Lights Out to the outer v & in the crease. Use the Soft Focus Shadow Brush to blend out the harsh lines in the crease. With the same brush, buff in Velvet Mauve into the crease & above the crease line for a soft look. I finished off the look by applying Onyx with Weather Everything along my upper & lower lash line with a Full Edge liner brush. And of course mascara & brows ;)
 Please if you have any questions post below I will answer as soon as possible. Hope this inspires a look for you!
 If you don't know where your inner 1/3 is or unsure where your crease & above crease is, click here for complete Eye Diagram!!!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Bare Escentuals Pretty Alluring Review & Swatches

Hi Beauties!
 Pretty Alluring is a simple 4 piece kit available only at Ulta. The set contains what I like to call a look in a box ;) Since the metallic smoky eye is trending now, this kit pretty much contains all you need to create this season's hottest look. I love the primer shadows & this contains a gorgeous deep bronzey red primer shadow. The blush is a light rosy pink with a lot of sparkle & the gloss is a gorgeous medium coral shade. There is also a full size tube of the new Curl & Lengthen Mascara. I wasn't going to purchase this at first but I ran across one on ebay for 10 bucks & well who can pass that up??
 I think its a great little set especially for someone that is on the go & doesn't have the time to sit in front of a mirror to apply their makeup. These primer shadows were the perfect answer to the "on the go girl's" prayers. So if the shades appeal to you, definitely pick this one up!
Prime Time Primer Shadow in Copper Penny (vivid copper shimmer)
Curl & Lengthen Mascara in Black
Allure Blush (soft pink)
Pretty Amazing Lipcolor in Allure (peach nectar)

This kit is currently available at Ulta Stores & Ulta online for $28.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bare Escentuals Preview Sale Tomorrow!

Hello Beauties,
 Tomorrow October 13th is Bare Escentuals Holiday Preview Sale You can purchase the holiday newness before its official launch in November tomorrow only. BE will release R.S.V.P. Kit $54, READY 8.0 in Cocktail Hour and Playlist $40 each, Deluxe Original Foundation $35, Golden Touch Mini Brushes, $28 Strike It Rich Mini Primer Shadow Set $28 and the Pretty Amazing Mini Lipgloss Set (2 full color, 2 sheer shades) $28. For those that need to have it now, these will be available in Boutiques & Bare Escentuals Online Store or if you can wait, BE's semi-annual Friends & Family sale is around the corner & by then all these will be available in stores & you can save 20% during the sale ;)

Have fun shopping Beauties!!

Love & Sparkles,

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bare Escentuals And Away We Glow Review & Swatches

Hello Beauties,
  Here is another one of BE's Holiday newness! I'm super excited about all the new stuff since I thought this year was a little on the slow side as far as BE kits goes. They are totally making up for it now!
 And Away We Glow is a stunning collection! The theme for this kit is foiled red lids & brush handles. Its very chic! It comes in a red storage box. The eye shadow is a gorgeous off white sheen with diamond twinkles. The primer shadow is a light/med grey with iridescent & golden twinkles. The blush is a medium/light rose peach with pink iridescent twinkles. Their is also a large multi-tasking highlighter which is a light sheen. Great for highlighting the cheek bones or lightening up those dark under eye circles or dark spots before applying bisque. The gloss is flesh tone like a lightest soft peachy tan. There are 2 brushes with foil red metal handles, Contour Blush & Wet/Dry Shadow Brush. Also a full size mascara & the new Round The Clock formula liner. The liner is absolutely amazing! Its a no nonsense liner! Won't smudge, budge or come off until you want it to! It's a long lasting, creamy, one stroke of the pencil, waterproof formula. Sure to be every one's new favorite liner. I think Big & Bright liners are a thing of the past!
  I think this is a gorgeous Holiday kit! I think it is the perfect Holiday gift for the special ladies in you life. Its really sophisticated & extremely wearable for women of all skin tones.
Swanky  (shimmering moonlight)
Prime Time Primer Shadow in Dove Gray (taupe gray)
Round the Clock Waterproof Eyeliner in Midnight (blackout)
Flawless Definition Mascara in Black
Turn On Multi-Tasking Highlighter
Luxury Blush (warm coral)
Pretty Amazing Lipgloss in Flair (soft sand)
Wet/Dry Shadow Brush
Contour Blush Brush
Poster insert with application tips
Red storage box


 I think this kit is classic & beautiful! And Away We Glow Collection is currently available at BE Online for $54!
 Not sure what other retailers are going to carry this but keep in mind Sephora & Bare Escentuals Friends & Family sales are right around the corner ;)

Love & Sparkles,

Note: I did not purchase this one. It was a gift from a friend.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bare Escentuals The Dream Sequence Review & Swatches

Hi Beauties,
 Last week I was at the Herald Square Boutique for the launch of READY I was chatting up a storm with my dear friend Bravon. I asked him to suggest a palette for me & he said the Dream Sequence would be perfect for me! So I got it.
 The Dream Sequence is the purple palette. The colors all have twins in the loose mineral world. 500 Thread Count = Chenille, Romp = High Shine Moonshine, Boudoir = Wild Flower &  Nightcap = Magical. The shades are all beautiful! 500 Thread Count is a chalky light cream,  Romp is the perfect pale lilac with a metallic sheen, Boudoir is a pinkish violet with a violet sheen & Nightcap is a dark plum wine. They all look beautiful together.They are heavily pigmented but note they are not as blendable as loose so you just dab the brush into the color & buff on. I wore them with Chroma Violet & it looked gorgeous!

You can purchase the READY shadows at Bare Escentuals Boutiques & online  Ulta stores & online Sephora & Sephora online and pretty much everywhere BE is sold. 
 I do still feel like all the READY colors are pretty much identical to loose minerals already made by BE, so I don't see myself collecting these. I am happy with my 2 palettes but I don't think I will be getting anymore. I just feel like other brands offer pressed eyeshadows at a better value plus I don't need the same colors in both loose & pressed. I have heard BE will be releasing 8 shadows in one palette so if I like the shades I may pick it up, but the need to own them all, for me, just isn't there.
 What do you think of READY?

Peace & Sparkles,

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bare Escentuals You're Looking At An Original Review & Swatches

Hi Beauties,
  Boy do I miss these Grand Collections!! This was BE first this year but they sure did make up for it! Finally, they brought back the long handle brushes! Even if just in this kit, it makes me happy! The long handle brushes are so beautiful & they are much easier to control. They just have the perfect way of settling into the hand. Makes you feel like an artist!
  Now, to the other pieces in this collection. You get a large jar of Original Foundation & Mineral Veil. Hopefully they will offer future Grands with Matte foundation!! You also get a shimmery pink primer shadow which is just gorgeous! The matte version of Emotion eye shadow, which is a deep grape shade, a liner in a medium plum shade, a black mascara, a full color coppery pink kinda like Jessica Buxom with more pink. And the blush, oh the blush is so beautiful, its a medium pink glow.
 I more so like this collection for the brushes & the primer! They have to release this primer! Its really pretty! I see it being empty by the time Spring arrives! Below is a list of the items in this collection.
 Prime Time Primer Shadow in Cameo Pink (pink coral)
 Emotion Matte (matte amethyst)
 Big & Bright eyeliner in Eggplant (rich eggplant)
 Flawless Definition Curl & Lengthen mascara in Black
bareminerals SPF 15 Foundation (shade your choice)
Mineral Veil Finishing Powder
Tickled Blush (ripe watermelon)
100% Natural Lip Gloss in Babycakes (pink opal)
Face brush with long handle
Tapered shadow brush with long handle
Application Tip Card

The You're Looking At An Original Grand Collection is currently available at for $81.84.

Love & Sparkles,

Bare Escentuals Velvet Luxe Collection Review & Swatches

Hi Beauties,
 I got these last night via UPS & I just couldn't wait to tell you about them. I am not a fan of matte shadows, I always add a little sparkle over them but these, they shall stay matte!! They are gorgeous shades! Although they don't foil well because of their consistency, they look gorgeous just buffed on. They do not mix well with water. Like the Soft Focus colors, these are creamier. They are heavily to get the foiled look without foiling, just apply with a Tapered shadow brush.
 Velvet Luxe  includes all different color shadows. There's a cream, green, grey, rose, taupe & chocolate. I must say I am completely in love with the green & charcoal. Both shades are very unique. The charcoal is a deep grey with a purple undertone & the green is a rich khaki green. Very beautiful!! The cream is a soft cream shade, the mauve is a medium rose, the taupe is a medium greyish brown, the espresso is a rich chocolate shade, think cocoa ;)
 These are extremely wearable shades! I would rock the cream, mauve & charcoal together or cream, taupe, green & espresso or mauve, taupe & get it, the all mesh well! So if you are a fan of mattes or just looking for some extremely wearable, easy to wear shades, these are for you!

Velvet Cream  (french vanilla)
Velvet Mauve (vintage rose)
Velvet Green (dark moss)
Velvet Espresso (coffee bean hue)
Velvet Taupe (milk chocolate)
Velvet Charcoal (deep slate)
Wrapped in a cute storage box & an insert is included.

VELVET LUXE is currently available at for $34.56! Makes for a great Holiday gift too! Plus it already comes in a cute box so you can just put a bow on it or put it in a gift bag & you're good to go!