Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is everyone excited about Leslie's shows this weekend?

Hey Beauties,
 Leslie will be on with a Today's Special Value Flawless & Luminous and for the Auto Delivery Plan Flawless & Luminous Auto Delivery. There are a few new items like Nude Attitude , Frame & Define Brow Pencil Duo A219131, Flawless Definition Curl & Lengthen Mascara Duo A218891, Vibrant, Vivid & Very Long Wearing Bronzed Twig A218892,  Vibrant, Vivid & Very Long Wearing Chroma Violet A218893, Pretty Amazing Duo Confidence & Witty A218976 & Pretty Amazing Duo Savvy & Allure A218976. New kits to the Q will be Spotlight On Eyeliner Eye Kit A218895, Spotlight On Primer Shadow Eye Kit A218896 & Spotlight On High Shine Eye Kit A218894. The new skincare line items will be on QVC also, bareMinerals Redness Remedy A218897, bareMinerals Cleanser & Moisturizer Bundle A218898 & bareMinerals Skincare Renew & Hydrate Eye Cream A218899.

Here are the showtimes:
Saturday August 13 from 12am - 1am EST
Saturday August 13 from  3am - 4am EST
Saturday August 13 from  2pm - 3pm EST
Saturday August 13 from  6pm - 8pm EST
Saturday August 13 from 10pm -11pm EST

Hope you will all be watching & buying!

Love & Sparkles,

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bare Escentuals Insider Cheek Tint Review & Swatches

Hi Beauties,
  Today I am reviewing bareMinerals Insider Cheek Tint kit. I was able to pick this up at Sephora in NYC yesterday. I'm in love!! This kit is amazing!! Everything in it is brand new, no repeats or dupes here!!! This made me super excited! Can you tell how hyped I am about it yet????
  Its a five piece kit in a cute slim box. This is bareMinerals official introduction to the new Cheek Tint. It is a cheek stain that give a "stay-put glow." When I open the jar I can automatically tell this was not like the blushes we are use to. The consistency of the mineral is a bit thicker & silkier than regular mineral blush, almost like a cream powder. You need very little of this product & when I say little I mean like a quarter of the amount you use from your regular mineral blush! Its that pigmented. There are two shadows in this kit. One is a soft pink with a beautiful pinkish lilac sheen. The other is a dark grayish purple base with an iridescent purple sheen & diamond twinkles. You have got to see this in person! You also get a beautiful light cherry deep pink gloss & a Double Ended Tapered Blush & Shadow Brush.
  I love how well this kit is put together. I can't wait to rock this today!! Below is a list of whats included!

Panache (sunlit pink)
Smolder (twilight violet)
Cheek Tint in Flirt (flirty pink)
100% Natural Lipgloss in Cherry Bomb (berry cherry crush)
Double Ended Tapered Blush & Shadow Brush
Application tip card & slim storage box.

This gloss has me singing "Ch-ch-ch-cherry Bomb!!!"

 This kit is currently exclusive to Sephora & Sephora's online store. This one you need to get ;) The price for this kit is $36.

Let me know what you think about it! Post your messages below.

Peace & Sparkles!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where's my.......? Complete Eye Diagram

Hi Beauties,
 Ever wondered what the difference is between your outer 1/3 & you outer v was?? Wel here is a diagram I created to help you understand where your ______ is!

 Below is a colored diagram. Everything is color coded so it is easy to identify the areas of the eye.

Green = Brow Bone / Highlight
Purple = Above the crease
Hot Pink = Crease
Orange = Outer 1/3
Blue = Outer V
Deep Red = Center of lid
Yellow = Inner 1/3
Light Pink = Inner corner of eye
Grey = Upper Lash Line
Light Red= Outer lower lash line
Coral = Inner lower lash line
Turquoise = Water line
Bright Orange = Inner V

Remember, Blend is your friend!! Blending all your shades will make you look flawless. The area in purple is the place where you want to make sure all your perfect blending takes place. This is where your crease color & brow bone / highlight meet. You don't want the darkness of your crease and the light shade of the highlight to look like 2 shades. You want them to look like a light color that gradually faded to dark. So make sure you blend!

I hope this diagram helps you identify your eye area.

Until next time!

 Peace & Sparkles,

Enjoy, Savor & Utopia

Hi Beauties,
 Today was a gold/green day for me. I wore Enjoy, Savor, Utopia & Onyx. Enjoy & Savor are from the third installment of The Perfect Gift AD on QVC. Utopia was a gift from a sweet dear friend, but It was available as a gift with purchase from Nordstroms. I paired it off with Onyx liner.
 I applied Savor with a Tapred shadow Brush on the lid from the inner corner to the outer corner. I then applied Utopia to the outer v & crease with at Double Ended Precision Brush. Now I used a Blending Brush to apply Enjoy from above the crease to below the brow & on the inner corner of the eye. I mixed Onyx with Weather Everything & lined my upper & lower lash line with a Full Edge liner brush.

 Hope you enjoy this! Want a specific look? Post below or on the Facebook page at J.Sparkles: Bare Escentuals Bliss and I'll create something for you!
Love & Sparkles,