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Friday, October 29, 2010

bareMinerals Charmed 10-Piece Collection

bareMinerals Charmed 10-Piece Collection is part of BE's Holiday newness. I love this collection. Not only because of all the beauties in it but because it came from a very dear friend of mine. It comes in a pretty red box with a gold tone heart charm dangling from a red satin ribbon on the top of the box. The jar lids are so beautiful. They are the basic matte black lids with a red heart, same shape as the charm design & the bareMinerals name in red also on the lid. The top of the lip gloss is the same design as the lids & the brushes have red handles. The colors in this collection are gorgeous. In this beautiful collection you will receive:

Charmed (Icy Pink)
Memoir (Shimmering Toasted Walnut)

Face Colors
Original Mineral Veil (Sheer finishing powder)
Flawless Radiance (Hint of Beige Chiffon)
Timeless Blush (Sheer Berry)

Lip Gloss
100% Natural Lipgloss in 7 Layer Cake (Misty Pink)

Big & Bright Eyeliner in Plum (Saturated Plum)
Flawless Definition Mascara in Black (Black)

Eye Defining Brush
Tapered Blush Brush

Application tip card, red keepsake box & a gold tone heart charm.

This gorgeous collection is available now online by clicking HERE or you can purchase it at your local Ulta store. Remember it is an Ulta exclusive so it can only be found there. Happy Shopping!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Office Wearable Halloween Look

I created this look for one of my Beauties Amy. She wanted a look that was office appropriate yet fun for after work. Because the fun in this eye is on the lid, you can wear it to the office & when you blink, I'm sure you will get tons of "OMG Close your eyes!" This look is extremely easy. You can pull it together in about 10 minutes for both eyes.
 I used all BE products for this look. If you do not have the shades that I used here, you can easily substitute with a similar shade. For this look it is best to use Glimpse & Glimmers. You can use Matte shades if you like, but the Glimpse and Glimmers make this look stand out!
Here is what you'll need:
Eye Lid Primer
Cat Woman
Weather Everything Liner Sealer

Follow these steps to complete this look.

1) Prime the entire lid from lash to brow.
2) Buff Wildcat from crease to brow & toward the inner corner of eye.

3) Buff Meow from lash to crease over entire lid.

4) Buff Pussycat in the crease to define the eye.

5) Mix Cat Woman with Weather Everything. Now in order to do the panther spots, you need not be perfect when doing the next step. You are going to create distorted "C"  shapes and slightly closing them off. You will see in the next 5 photos what I mean. Make the shapes in different sizes so as to look like nature intended. Also make the size of the spot according to your eye lid. If you have smaller eyelids, make smaller spots.

6) Time to color in the spots. For this step I used Panther with Weather Everything. You want to make sure you stay within the circle of the spot. Make sure you color in all your spots ;)

7) Time for liner. I mixed Weather Everything with Onyx. Using a Full Edged Liner Brush, I applied a very thin line of Onyx over the lid from inner corner to outer corner along the lashline. Keep the brush as close to your lashes as possible to create this thin line. On your lower lashline, you want to start the liner right where the iris of your eye begins. NOT the inner edge of iris, the outer edge of iris. Now you want to apply a thin line to start & then widen it as you get to your outer eye corner. You want to connect the liner from your lower lash line with your upper lash line & make a sharp end that points out & slightly up.

8) Now color in your brows & apply black mascara. And you are ready to go!

This look is fun for Halloween or a fun night out with your friends. You can use shades of purples & pinks to complete this look in a funky way. Have fun creating & I wish you all a Happy Halloween!!!

Love & Sparkles,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Art Of Foiling

Hi Beauties,
 I hear this topic being spoken about so very often. I've heard it online in many forums and on Facebook and it's a popular topic among BE users. How do you foil? It's really simple once you learn what the proper consistency of the minerals should be when you wet them. Today I have put together a little photo tutorial on how to foil. I hope that once you see the photos and read the instructions, you will start experimenting at home. Foiling is a beautiful way to wear all mineral eye colors especially metallic shades.
 Today I used bareMinerals eye shadow in FUN. This is a gorgeous bronze shade that I love wearing in the Summer & now during the Fall months. I hope you enjoy this little tutorial and I hope it inspires the artist in all of you. Remember their is no canvas more beautiful than your reflection so let your creative side come out and awaken the artist in you.

Steps to foiling:
1) Choose your eyeshadow and get your Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush out. Keep paper towels near by ;)

 2) Use purified/filtered water to wet your brush. I use filtered water from my Brita pitcher.

3) Tap some minerals on to the lid. Please note, for foiling you need more minerals than you would need for buffing.

4) Take your wet brush and press into minerals.

5) As you continue to press the brush into minerals, start making small circular motions. This motion will help to wet all the minerals in the lid and break up any clumps (dry minerals) in your mixture.

 6) Continue step 5 until all the minerals are wet and make a paste.

7) If your minerals look like the picture below, you need a little drop of water. You see those 2 mountain lumps? Applying that to the eye lid will make a huge mess once dried. As you blink, those lumps will become lose minerals again and make your eyeshadow fall.

8) If your mixture looks like the photo below, you have added too much water to your mix. You can either add more minerals to your mix or do my little trick. (See next 2 photos)

9) If your mix looks like the one above, lightly blot your brush into a paper towel. The paper towel will absorb the excess water as you can see in the next 2 photos.

10) Bring your brush back to your lid and continue mixing. When your mixture is perfect, you will see a "tuck" along the edges of your mix. As you can see in the next 2 pictures, the mix has no lumps and it is not runny. This is the perfect consistency for foiling. A nice even mixed blend of minerals with water.

11) Now swirl your brush in the mix & pick up the foil mix. You will see in the next 4 photos how it will look on your brush.

12) Now it is time to foil! Apply the brush to your lid and gently glide it over the area you want to foil, as you will see in the next 4 photos. Just one continuous stroke works best but if you need to, you can apply it in several strokes. Just make sure that before it dries, your application looks even and not "stopped" in any area being foiled.

13) When you foil it will take about 10-20 seconds for this to dry on your skin. After you do your first eye, just keep it closed for a few seconds until it is dried. The minerals feel nice & cool on the skin when wet & as the dry you will feel the temperature change. Make sure you have a nice even consistant application & you're done. Below is a photo of the perfect foiled application.

I hope this little tutorial helps those wanting to learn how to foil. You can purchase the Wet/Dry Brush by clicking here and Fun eyeshadow by clicking here. Have fun foiling!

Peace & Sparkles,

Friday, October 22, 2010

30% 0ff Selected Items

Hi Beauties!
 BE is having a 30% off selected items sale today, October 22, for 12 hours only! It starts at 9AM and ends at 9PM PDT Here is the link to the SALE
Please note the link will become active & you will be able to see the products at 9AM PDT
Have fun shopping Beauties!

Love & Sparkles,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift is QVC's exclusive Holiday Newness and Novembers Today's Special Value. This TSV is packaged in the prettiest box ever, in my opinion. Its a hat box but in smaller scale. I already found it a home on the center of my vanity.  I believe the two flowers on the lid to be a white mini rose & a red plumeria. There is a hot pink ribbon on the outside of the box that can be used as a carry handle. On the lid of the box, along the rim it reads "The finishing touch is always unique.Holiday is a time to celebrate finishing touches...they are what make the season memorable. The finishing touch is meaningful, thoughtful, considerate and above all personal ~ unique to both the gift giver and the recipient. A hint of creativity, a dash of authenticity...what's your finishing touch?" The bottom of the box is hot pink with Leslie's signatured "Leslie XOX" really sweet!  As the other Holiday Newness, the lids of these are special. They are a mix of matte with a shiney black flower design and the "bareMinerals" name on the center of the lids in hot pink. Along with the amazing pieces in this collection, BE introduces us to the new Lip Gloss formula. I tried it, I love it! Its like a full color buxom without the tingle or plumping. It is unscented and I love that just by pressing your lips together, the color is renewed. Looks like you just applied it ;) Plus the applicator tip is a cushioned, sponge applicator, like nothing I have ever tried.  Now, to the contents of this collection.

Full Size Eyecolor
Creme de la Creme  (Mocha cream)
Magnifique (Smoky Plum)

Full Size Face Products in Click, Lock & Go Jars
Tinted Hydrating Mineral Veil (Brightening with hint of Warm Tone)
Avant-Garden Blush (Pink Carnation)

Full Size Eye Products
Big & Bright Eyeliner in Black Coffee (Brown-Black)
Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black

Pretty Amazing Lipcolor in Rouge (Brick-Rose)

Vanity Box, Tip Application card and a sample of "The New Power Couple" which is the Purifying Facial Cleanser & Purely Nourishing Moisturizer.

This awesome collection is item number A212613  for single shipment or A213670 for the Auto-Delivery plan. Additional A-D kits will be shipped in March, June and September. All of this greatness comes at the low price of $36.98 and best of all you can use the Easy Pay option. Which means you can split the payment into 2 monthly installments. Have fun shopping!
Peace & Sparkles,