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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where's my.......? Complete Eye Diagram

Hi Beauties,
 Ever wondered what the difference is between your outer 1/3 & you outer v was?? Wel here is a diagram I created to help you understand where your ______ is!

 Below is a colored diagram. Everything is color coded so it is easy to identify the areas of the eye.

Green = Brow Bone / Highlight
Purple = Above the crease
Hot Pink = Crease
Orange = Outer 1/3
Blue = Outer V
Deep Red = Center of lid
Yellow = Inner 1/3
Light Pink = Inner corner of eye
Grey = Upper Lash Line
Light Red= Outer lower lash line
Coral = Inner lower lash line
Turquoise = Water line
Bright Orange = Inner V

Remember, Blend is your friend!! Blending all your shades will make you look flawless. The area in purple is the place where you want to make sure all your perfect blending takes place. This is where your crease color & brow bone / highlight meet. You don't want the darkness of your crease and the light shade of the highlight to look like 2 shades. You want them to look like a light color that gradually faded to dark. So make sure you blend!

I hope this diagram helps you identify your eye area.

Until next time!

 Peace & Sparkles,


  1. Very cool. Thank you. I've never been exactly sure of some of the terms related to their location.

  2. Thank you, very helpful!