Friday, July 13, 2012

Hi Beauties

Hello Beautiful Friends! I am so sorry it's been forever since I have posted. I've had some serious health issues to deal with and of course since when it rains it pours, my laptop died on me. I'm currently battling cancer and amongst all the other issues I don't have a laptop. Thankfully I have an amazing angel out there named Jill that has loan me hers until I can get a new one. Thank God for amazing friends. I haven't purchased makeup lately except for Tarte Egyptian Kohl Liner. I will blog about that when it arrives. Only reason I was able to get it was because I had a credit at QVC so I just had to pay 2 bucks and some change. All money now goes to my new makeup which is gauze, tape, Coban, medicines and transportation. LOL So you won't see as much activity on here as before but know that once I'm better, I will be back to my old habits aka makeup shopping! Here's some of the things on my need to have list! Christina Choi's makeup line, I hear it's amazing! Urban Decay Smoked palette, it's the smoky version of Naked! Yeah I need that!!! Too Faced Three Way Lash Tool, Lash Injection new formula, I hear it's like Blinc but with a fluffy brush. I loved the regular one but if this is more watery like blinc's I will be in heaven! Too Faced The Return Of Sexy Eye Shadow Palette. It's so perfectly beautiful!! And last but not least BE Awestruck blush. I'm out of here for now but I will try to be around a little more. You can always email me at j.sparklesblog @ gmail dot com Please stay sparkly!!! Love & Sparkles, Jesse