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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bare Escentuals Golden & Gorgeous

Hi Beauties,
 This one is a no brainer! Everyone needs this kit! The softness of Honey with the bold, high shine of Copper make this the perfect Spring/Summer kit. Not to mention the gorgeous Bronze liner that I can't seem to get enough of! This years popular runway look is bronze goddess & the gorgeous light blue or mint green lower lash liner & BE has delivered every one of these looks for us. From Bora Bora to Sydney , from Santorini to Golden & Gorgeous BE has got you covered!! Now its my pleasure to introduce you to the amazing & fantastical Golden & Gorgeous!
Honey  (honey beige)
High Shine Copper (copper shimmer)
Big & Bright Eyeliner in Bronze (deep copper brown)
Tapered Shadow Brush

I absolutely love this kit. Honey is very close to my skin tone so I have been wearing it everyday since it arrived! Its a great set at a great price & if you purchase now, Ulta is including a gift with purchase, you'll receive a mini tube of Cupcake lipgloss, so act fast. Golden & Gorgeous is available now at Ulta Online and at Ulta stores for $28.

Peace & Sparkles,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bravon, the Master Artist Brings Us Wedding Makeup!

Hi Beauties,
 I have some wonderful news to share with you! Due to launch late April early May, Bravon will have a page on BE's website that will feature looks for Weddings! YES you heard it here first, WEDDINGS!! I know how many women have been dying for BE to do make up looks for weddings and finally Bravon has answered our prayers!! He did a wedding back in November and this Master Artist will show you everything you need to know to make your wedding photos look heavenly! This page will be filled with tips and tricks from the Master himself! Isn't this amazing??? I am so excited about this page! I know when I attended my first Master Class last year with Bravon, I learned more in 1 hour than I have in years of applying makeup! Which brings me to my next topic, Master Classes!
 Bravon shares his best makeup secrets in his Master Classes! I promise even the most experienced makeup artist can learn from Bravon. It is just amazing to see him at work. He currently has 2 classes scheduled for Tukwila, WA and Orem, UT! So if you are in these areas, sign up for the Master Class! Not by any of the areas listed? Check back to Bare Escentuals Master Class page for the latest updates on where the next Master Class will be!
 Have any beauty questions that you would like Bravon to answer? Is the Master Class not in your area? NO WORRIES! Bravon offers his expertise with you for free! YES FREE!! Bravon will give you amazing tips & answer all your beauty questions via Beauty Solutions with Bravon Pascua. Scroll to the bottom of the page & you will see where it reads "Have a Question for Bravon?" click on that and you will be well on your way to getting the best advice in beauty from Bravon!!
Love & Sparkles,

Please feel free to share the above info on your blog, via facebook, twitter & all the media outlets you wish to use!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bare Escentuals Smoky Metallic Eye Kit aka the Metallica Kit

Hi Beauties!

As I have expressed before I LOVE High Shines! Because of that I absolutely love this kit. Steam, described as silver, looks rather golden on my skin tone but it is really pretty. Black Gold liner was offered over the Holiday Season in the mini 3 liner kit. Its black liner with gold sparkles, beautiful! But the star of this kit, in my eyes, is High Shine Pewter. Although I do not like the packaging for the new High Shines, I do love anything High Shine! So of course, I would love this. Pewter is amazing! It looks much like a darker metallic the more it is buffed, more lighter metallic if it is foiled so its like getting 10 shades in one. Adjust your application technique or change brushes & you'll see what I mean.  It's a great set all together and if you are a fan of smoky eyes but not too much into the darkness of it, then this is a great kit for you.
Eye Colors
Steam  (metallic silver)
High Shine Pewter  (metallic pewter)
Eye Liner
Big & Bright Black Gold
Tapered Shadow Brush
Tip card with 2 looks

Smoky Metallic Eye Sizzling 4pc is available now at QVC for $33.

 Want to know why the aka Metallica Kit?? When this kit was uploaded to the Q's site & I ordered it, I was so excited I posted on my FB page that I had ordered the Metallica Kit & well the name stuck. So when ever I refer to the Metallica Kit, you'll know I mean this ;)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bare Escentuals Rocker Eye meets Sweet Smile

Hi Beauties,
 I posted on FB if there was anything special you would like to see & this was one of the looks that was suggested. To create this look I used the Rocker Eye Kit, Sweet Smile, Bare Skin  Smokin' Pistol, Prime Time Eyelid Primer and the mascara of your choice.
 I first applied primer from lash to brow bone. I buffed a sheer wash of Bare skin from crease to brow. I then applied Sweet Smile on the inner 1/3 gradually fadining into 1980's in the center & then fading 1980's into Rock Star on the outer 1/3.  I wet lined Black Leather in the outer v & to smoke out the lower lash line. Once it dried, I smudged it out in the crease & along my lower lash line. Then applied Smokin' Pistol along the water line & to top it off, lots of black mascara!
 Hope you like this & if there's any colors that give you trouble, just write it in the comment box below & I'll create a really wearable look for ya!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bare Escentuals Destination Santorini

Hi Beauties,
 As promised, my review of Santorini.
 Although this kit came out some time last year via QVC, I am happy BE has released it through their online store for Spring. The first time I wore this kit I thought the colors were so fresh! It reminded me of a new begining. That's why I think it is perfect for Spring. Everything Spring is so new & clean & eye opening bright ant this kit gives you that gorgeous, fresh look! Pebbled Beach is a soft creamy sheen with a diamond twinkle. Santorini is a bronze/gold glimmer and Midnight Diamond is a soft black with diamond sparkle. And it also comes with a really cute blue bag.
 I wore this a few days ago and thought it would be nice to share with you. As always, Prime Time Eyelid Primer from lash to brow, Pebbled Beach from lash to crease over the entire lid, Santorini outer 1/3 & crease and Midnight Diamond mixed with Weather Everything to line my upper & lower lash line.

Destination Santorini is available at Bare Escentuals online store for $32.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Destination Sydney!

Hi Beauties!
 Here is my review of Destination Sydney, look out for Destination Santorini within the next few days.

I always love the Destinations collections. They always involve some pretty wicked shades and never disappoint. Destination Key West was by far my favorite until "hopefully" Destinations Puerto Rico which I have been hoping for since the first Destination kit.A girl can dream right?? I'd also love to see a Destinations Ireland!
 OK Back to Sydney! The colors are beautiful and I have never seen such a vivid deep blue, Bondi Beach,  in mineral makeup. Treasure Island was previously release in the Castaway kit which was an ULTA exclusive. So if you missed that you can get a second chance here. Its khaki green with golden shimmer. Sydney is a buttercup yellow sheen. Sort of reminds me of Soul. Plus the bag is so darn cute! Its the same color as Bondi Beach with a yellow flower outlined in white. Yeah that bag will travel everywhere this summer!
 I would love for BE to release these as singles because I would love to get a back up of Bondi Beach. And I must say out of the 3 Destination kits available now, this one is my fave!
 Below is some photos of the kit & of me wearing it. To copy this look is really simple. I first used Prime Time Eyelid Primer, with a Soft Focus Shadow Brush I applied Bondi Beach on the outer 1/3 from lash to crease. I then applied Sydney with a Contour Shadow Brush on the inner corner, inner 1/3 of lid & up towards my brow bone for a sheer wash of color. Then I used Full Tapered Shadow brush to dab  Treasure Island on to my entire lid & crease & over the Bondi Beach I had applied earlier. I then mixed Bondi Beach with a little Weather Everything & lined my upper & lower lash line with a Soft Focus Liner brush.

You can purchase Destination Sydney at BE's online store for $32. 

Peace & Sparkles,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Passed the 100 Followers Mark!! Giveaway time!

Hi Beauties,
 As promised, once I pass the 100 folowers mark & would have a giveaway & here it is!
In this months issue of  Lucky Magazine page 30 & 31,there is a 2 page spread on all the Sephora's Hot Now products. On page 23 is a bar code that reads SCAN.WATCH.LEARN.
 In order to view this video you must download to your mobile phone an app that is called Scanlife at Once you download the app, open it & click on scan, this will take a photo of the bar code & bring up a video. In this video they feature 2 BE products! Be the first to comment below with the name of the 2 products & the 100 folower giveaway is yours! I will contact the first person to reply with the correct answer for the address of where your gift will be sent!

Good Luck!
Peace & Sparkles,

Note: You MUST be a follower of this blog to be considered for the giveaway.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Are you in Santa Rose, CA? Bravon's Master Class this weekend!

Hi Beauties!
 I just wanted to know if any of you will be attending Bravon Pascua's Master Class? It will be a one hour session class. It is on Saturday March 5th. You can choose to attend the 11am to 12 pm class or the 2 pm to 3pm class. The tickets are $100 but are refundable in product purchase so learn for free & pick up all your favorite products!  And believe me, their is no one better to learn from than Bravon! The price includes the ticket for entry to the Master Class as well as an appointment for a makeunder with a National Makeup Artist. If anyone knows makeup it is him! So if you'd like to attend call Macy's Santa Rosa Store store at (707) 523-3333 ext.2341

 For those attending if you spend $150 or more you will receive a free gift! The Making Of A Glamorista is an exclusive gift to those attending the Master Class and spending over $150. This kit loooks so beautiful & the gloss has my heart a flutter!