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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Office Wearable Halloween Look

I created this look for one of my Beauties Amy. She wanted a look that was office appropriate yet fun for after work. Because the fun in this eye is on the lid, you can wear it to the office & when you blink, I'm sure you will get tons of "OMG Close your eyes!" This look is extremely easy. You can pull it together in about 10 minutes for both eyes.
 I used all BE products for this look. If you do not have the shades that I used here, you can easily substitute with a similar shade. For this look it is best to use Glimpse & Glimmers. You can use Matte shades if you like, but the Glimpse and Glimmers make this look stand out!
Here is what you'll need:
Eye Lid Primer
Cat Woman
Weather Everything Liner Sealer

Follow these steps to complete this look.

1) Prime the entire lid from lash to brow.
2) Buff Wildcat from crease to brow & toward the inner corner of eye.

3) Buff Meow from lash to crease over entire lid.

4) Buff Pussycat in the crease to define the eye.

5) Mix Cat Woman with Weather Everything. Now in order to do the panther spots, you need not be perfect when doing the next step. You are going to create distorted "C"  shapes and slightly closing them off. You will see in the next 5 photos what I mean. Make the shapes in different sizes so as to look like nature intended. Also make the size of the spot according to your eye lid. If you have smaller eyelids, make smaller spots.

6) Time to color in the spots. For this step I used Panther with Weather Everything. You want to make sure you stay within the circle of the spot. Make sure you color in all your spots ;)

7) Time for liner. I mixed Weather Everything with Onyx. Using a Full Edged Liner Brush, I applied a very thin line of Onyx over the lid from inner corner to outer corner along the lashline. Keep the brush as close to your lashes as possible to create this thin line. On your lower lashline, you want to start the liner right where the iris of your eye begins. NOT the inner edge of iris, the outer edge of iris. Now you want to apply a thin line to start & then widen it as you get to your outer eye corner. You want to connect the liner from your lower lash line with your upper lash line & make a sharp end that points out & slightly up.

8) Now color in your brows & apply black mascara. And you are ready to go!

This look is fun for Halloween or a fun night out with your friends. You can use shades of purples & pinks to complete this look in a funky way. Have fun creating & I wish you all a Happy Halloween!!!

Love & Sparkles,


  1. Girl you are so talented!
    By the way I have a blog too...I haven't updated it in awhile, but I would love it if you followed me

  2. Thank you & thanks for your blog link. I will add it to my blogs ;)

  3. This is wonderful Jessica! I can't wait to try it for myself. I'm not very creative or talented but when you share your tips and ideas - it makes me want to try!!! XOXO

  4. This is just so awesome Jess!! I have to try it!