Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Art Of Foiling

Hi Beauties,
 I hear this topic being spoken about so very often. I've heard it online in many forums and on Facebook and it's a popular topic among BE users. How do you foil? It's really simple once you learn what the proper consistency of the minerals should be when you wet them. Today I have put together a little photo tutorial on how to foil. I hope that once you see the photos and read the instructions, you will start experimenting at home. Foiling is a beautiful way to wear all mineral eye colors especially metallic shades.
 Today I used bareMinerals eye shadow in FUN. This is a gorgeous bronze shade that I love wearing in the Summer & now during the Fall months. I hope you enjoy this little tutorial and I hope it inspires the artist in all of you. Remember their is no canvas more beautiful than your reflection so let your creative side come out and awaken the artist in you.

Steps to foiling:
1) Choose your eyeshadow and get your Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush out. Keep paper towels near by ;)

 2) Use purified/filtered water to wet your brush. I use filtered water from my Brita pitcher.

3) Tap some minerals on to the lid. Please note, for foiling you need more minerals than you would need for buffing.

4) Take your wet brush and press into minerals.

5) As you continue to press the brush into minerals, start making small circular motions. This motion will help to wet all the minerals in the lid and break up any clumps (dry minerals) in your mixture.

 6) Continue step 5 until all the minerals are wet and make a paste.

7) If your minerals look like the picture below, you need a little drop of water. You see those 2 mountain lumps? Applying that to the eye lid will make a huge mess once dried. As you blink, those lumps will become lose minerals again and make your eyeshadow fall.

8) If your mixture looks like the photo below, you have added too much water to your mix. You can either add more minerals to your mix or do my little trick. (See next 2 photos)

9) If your mix looks like the one above, lightly blot your brush into a paper towel. The paper towel will absorb the excess water as you can see in the next 2 photos.

10) Bring your brush back to your lid and continue mixing. When your mixture is perfect, you will see a "tuck" along the edges of your mix. As you can see in the next 2 pictures, the mix has no lumps and it is not runny. This is the perfect consistency for foiling. A nice even mixed blend of minerals with water.

11) Now swirl your brush in the mix & pick up the foil mix. You will see in the next 4 photos how it will look on your brush.

12) Now it is time to foil! Apply the brush to your lid and gently glide it over the area you want to foil, as you will see in the next 4 photos. Just one continuous stroke works best but if you need to, you can apply it in several strokes. Just make sure that before it dries, your application looks even and not "stopped" in any area being foiled.

13) When you foil it will take about 10-20 seconds for this to dry on your skin. After you do your first eye, just keep it closed for a few seconds until it is dried. The minerals feel nice & cool on the skin when wet & as the dry you will feel the temperature change. Make sure you have a nice even consistant application & you're done. Below is a photo of the perfect foiled application.

I hope this little tutorial helps those wanting to learn how to foil. You can purchase the Wet/Dry Brush by clicking here and Fun eyeshadow by clicking here. Have fun foiling!

Peace & Sparkles,


  1. thank you Jess- that is a great tutorial!!

  2. BEautifully performed, as usual, easy to follow and understand, much appreciated... Thank You Marie :)~

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. That has to be the most through and well instructed tutorial on foiling I've seen. And it's not even a video. : )
    I love the photos. I've always wondered about the consistency and your pictures are very clear.... Thanks for the "one swipe" instruction too. I've always wondered if going over it too much messes up the foiling.

    One do you blend another color with your foiled color without messing it up?

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Aerika it depends what you are wanting to blend. If the color you a blending ia gonna be foiled, after you apply the lightest color in the area you want it, you take a clean damp brush & fade the color out. Then with the next color, you apply it where you want it & you use the damp clead brush to blend in the 2 shades together. If you want a buffed/foiled, you apply all buffed colors first, then apply the foil, then when the foiled is dried, you blend out just along the outer rim of the foiled.

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  6. Wow, I just came across this foiling blog and it has helped me so much! one question... Is it important to use filtered water as mentioned, or is tap water okay? Thank you for your help!

  7. Hey Jess, Love the tutorial, I need all the help I can get when it comes to foiling. ;)
    Just thought I'd add a tip I got this weekend from Melissa Long who is the Education Exec for ID, AZ and the Rocky Mtn Region. She suggested using one of the brushes from the heal and conceal kit to foil, in her opinion the wet & dry brush leaves too much of the color in the brush because it is so dense.
    I haven't gotten a chance to try it out yet, but it totally makes sense to me, I've noticed that there is a TON of color going down the drain when I clean my brush after I'm done. Anyways, just something I thought I'd pass on. :)

  8. I don't care for the Concealer Brush application. I like the Tapered Shadow Brush the best. But for the blog I did the tutorial with a Wet/Dry. Its really what the user feels more comfortable with really. I do love the concealer brush for the Primer Shadows though :)