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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meet The Body Bartender Heather Losik

Hi Beauties,

 "My love for vintage fashion, burlesque shows, rock-n-roll music & pin-up girls'" is how Heather Losik, creator and founder of "The Body Bartender" describes the inspirations behind her smart, fun and innovative skin care line. The paraben free products like the Tattoo Protection, Bikini Candy Sea Salt Scrub, Tattoo Polish, Body Bronzer & her personal favorite Peek-a-Booty Tush Tightener are adorned with super cute pin-up girls inspired by her grandmother who was a pin-up model.

Yet the products aren't the only things that make this brand edgy and unique, it's also its mission to be socially responsible.  The Body Bartender is not tested on animals, in fact it hopes to abolish animal testing all together! It also donates a portion of every sale to selected charities.  If you look at the bottles, you'll notice a ribbon symbolizing the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout for Cancer Fund there is also a dog and cat symbolizing the Animal Alliance. And as Heather puts it, " What does a rat, a cat, a monkey or a dog have in common with me???"
 Heather who grew up in Kansas & lives in LA, created the skincare line because she's a "self-professed beauty junkie."  As a kid she spent her parents "hard earn money" on skin care & has always taken care of her skin so it was only natural for her to create her own line! A skin care line that worked, is affordable & appeals to everyone, it's about making her customers feel good, pampered and luscious. 
The Body Bartender is much more than just Heather's love for skincare, it's about sharing her way of life.  "I always thought of myself as the girl that was "serving up" advice to her friends on how to take care of their skin, follow a proper diet, and encourage exercise regularly."   This is how she came up with the concept of "The Body Bartender"
  Her goal is to create a place, "a store front", that captures the laid back feel of a bar with the pampering of a spa, hence her brand motto "please drench responsibly."   If Heather has it her way, people's happy hour won't just be your local pub but at your local The Body Bartender.
 I recommend you check out her products by clicking here or to join her on twitter click here & for Facebook click here!

Turn to "The Body Bartender For The Pin Up Girl In You!"

Love & Pin Up Sparkles,

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