Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bare Escentuals Box Of Gems Review & Swatches

Hi Beauties,
 Here is yet another BE Holiday collection. Box Of Gems is a QVC exclusive. It contains 10 brand new shadow shades, 5 Buxoms  & 5 100% Natural Lip Glosses. All the lip colors have been previously released in kits. Everything in this kit is miniature size. The glosses & buxoms are all favorites. The new eyeshadows are really pretty.
  Beam is a gorgeous medium blue base with a light blue shimmer. Incandescent is a light chocolate with blue iridescent sparkles. Locket is a deep pink/purple base with purple shimmer.  Twinkle is a rich milk chocolate with tons of gold twinkles. Gem is hunter green matte base with emerald green shimmer. Solitaire is a blueish grey with diamond twinkles. Jewel is a medium deep pink with iridescent pink & purple shimmer. Glow is medium brown with light finely milled gold twinkles. Gleam is a light pinky beige sheen, like a flesh tone. Sparkling is a matte white base sheen with diamond shimmer. For the glosses, Cranberry Sorbet is a lightest cranberry. Angel Food Cake is sheer pink with pink & diamond twinkles. Energy Drink is peach with gold sheen. Sprinkles is a sheer clear cream with chunky diamond twinkles. Apple Butter is a medium brown with golden shimmer. And now the Buxoms! Betty, a gorgeous rich berry shade. Dani is a pinkish lilac. Kanani is a gorgeous candy pink. Gaby is a medium brownish berry with tons of shimmer. Sandy is a nude sandy shade with sheen.
 This collection is quite beautiful. All the new eyeshadows are nicely pigmented. I am enjoying them foiled much more than buffed on. Foiled they take on a whole new meaning. If you don't know how to foil, check out my tutorial on "The Art Of Foiling"

Sparkling (diamond hue)
Gleam (pale peach)
Glow (a golden tan)
Jewel (violet)
Solitaire (silvertone shade)
Gem (emerald shade)
Twinkle (chocolate shade)
Locket (amethyst)
Incandescent (topaz hue)
Beam (sapphire)
Kanani (sheer pink)
Betty (crimson)
Dani (berry pink)
Gaby (grape wine)
Sandy (pink nude)
Sprinkles (diamond hue)
Cranberry Sorbet (cranberry shade)
Angel Food Cake (peach shade)
Energy Drink (grapefruit shade
Apple Butter (berry shade)

Box Of Gems is currently available at QVC online for $79.92, item #A218912. I love getting my holiday shopping done early & this would make an awesome gift!

Peace & Sparkling Sparkles,


  1. Thank you once again Jess, I haven't even taken the time to take mine out of the box :( But I know I can count on you to show me the pretties. They are lovely, as always. Small size but that's all it takes for me anyway such a small amount, that's not a problem. I can't wait to give them a try. Thank you... Sincerely :) Marie

  2. Jess, if you could only get Year of Beauty of Box of Gems, which would you get?

  3. Connie I would absolutely wait for F&F & get Year of Beauty. The colors are prettier & you are getting a much better value. Plus that kit has shades BE has never done before whereas this one the only really unique colors are Locket & Jewel. Go for YOB ;)

  4. Marie maybe today is the day to get those pretties out & play.

  5. Thanks! I'll wait for the F&F. <3

  6. Got my Box of Gems yesterday. The fill levels of Gem and Beam were low..but I'm guessing that's because they are heavily pigmented as compared to the rest of the colors in this kit. LOVE this kit although I wish there'd have been some blush colors and less lippies :(

  7. Jessica, does Incandescent compare to any other colors by BE that you are aware of?I bought some of them individually on ebay instead of buying the whole kit and I can't determine if Incandescent is really worth it. It looks so pretty. . .