Friday, January 14, 2011

Sephora Exclusive Bright Now

This exclusive collection comes to us from Sephora. I love that on the back of the box, Sephora's PRO Team gives tips on how to use each of the pieces in this collection.This collection was made to freshen up & brighten up your look. I like that this kit works well on my skin tone. I have been such a fan of the Brightening Foundation Primer since its release in a QVC kit last year.It gives your skin a healthy glow so once you apply your foundation, you get this nice, fresh glow from within. The blush is a really soft rosey berry color. The gloss is pink with a gold shimmer & the eye shadow is a soft baby pink that goes on like a sheen. I like this collection because all of the pieces are extremely wearable. For fair skin I would recommend a light application of the blush using a Soft Focus brush just so its not over powering. As you know everything BE is buildable so you can always add just a little more to get a bolder look.
Bright Now comes with:
Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer
Boost (pink cantaloupe)
Eye Bright (white nectarine sheen)
100% Natural Lipgloss in Energy Drink (gilded grapefruit)
Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black
Fast & Flawless Brush

Sephora Exclusive Bright Now is out of stock online at this time, however it is in stock at most Sephora Stores & Sephora at JcPenney. The price for this collection is $39.


  1. Nice kit!!! Of course I want!!!

  2. So thrilled to find this at my Sephora in JCP today!! Was bummed to find out it was out of stock online but I got it now!