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Friday, September 2, 2011

BE a Force Of Beauty

 Bare Escentuals at an all time high in my book!! I always say beauty is in everything & in everything there is beauty. I love that BE has taken beauty to a REAL level!! They will have TV commercials, print  &  digital ads of women in their real skin. Not airbrushed "perfectly flawless" like everyone else has, REAL WOMEN, wrinkles & all! There is nothing better in this world than the real beauty, the one that is skin deep & BE is bringing it to you!!

The article is in today's NY TIMES online if you'd like to read more about it. I am super excited about this & can't wait to see the ads! in the link above you will also see one of the commercials that will be airing.

Love & Sparkles,

PS Here is my "Beauty Through My Eyes" note.

Beauty through my eyes

by Jessica Sparkles DelValle on Monday, August 16, 2010 at 4:07am

 I saw so many beautiful women yesterday at the Quickie Van event. Not that airbrush flawless model on the cover of every magazine but REAL BEAUTY in so many shapes & colors. Women with their beautiful children enjoying an amazing day. It brought a tear to my eye when I got home and started reviewing my photos. I though of all the beautiful people I came across yesterday & I feel so very blessed to have met them all. Women that no matter what their disability or short comings were to the superficial world, they were the most BEAUTIFUL people I had ever seen. I wish everyone could see beauty as I see it, which brought me to this.

  Beauty is what you make of it. Be kind to yourself! Make sure you love something about yourself every single day. Whether your hair looks great, your make up is flawless, your lashes are full, your eye color is poppin', your outfit is smoking hot, what ever it is,  make sure the first compliment you get every day is from yourself! Take a look in the mirror & say "You look gorgeous because your (fill in the blank) is amazing today!" Love yourself! Every wrinkle, scar, stretch mark, white hair, flaw or short coming,  every single part of you makes you special & beautiful. And it's a tale of your personal story!  Let people see you through the eyes YOU view yourself with. And to be seen beautiful you must first believe you are beautiful!
   I have practice loving something about myself every single day since I was a teenager. I had bad acne & not the cutest in the bunch & somebody had to love me besides my family, so who better than me? Ask my mom or sis, I still leave lipstick marks on the mirrors from kisses I give myself every day. Not because I am full of myself or because I think I am drop dead gorgeous, but because true love can only emit from a heart that truly loves the vessel that is carrying it. With that I mean how can you express true love towards others if you can't bestow the same feeling to yourself?
  So with this I ask each & every one of you to see yourself through my eyes. Eyes that are blind to the physical being. Eyes that only see sincerity in your words, the love that you share with each other & me, the compliments that you so freely give to all the wonderful people you have never met. Complaining about your flaws will only bring attention to your negatives. That turns people away!  Don't deny people the opportunity of loving you. Give them a chance to love you for the real person you are.
   Every day I feel inspired by one of you & I appreciate every single one of you for who you are, not the image on your FB page. I love you for the images I have seen in all your beautiful words & actions towards each other. There is really nothing better than an accepting heart, a heart that loves itself truly & a heart that judges without vision.

Stop the self hate & start the self love!

Love & Sparkles,

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