Monday, June 6, 2011

Bare Escentuals Primer Shadows with Swatches

Hi Beauties,
 I was very lucky to get these early from a very dear friend. Like the previous primers Brightening & Brightening Pearl, these are primers with a kick! There are a total of 8 new primers. One, Brightening Opal will be in an exclusive Ulta kit called Bright & Beautiful the other, Brightening Sunlight, will be available exclusively to BE Boutiques & BE online later this week in a kit called Love & Happiness. Brightening Opal is a sheer glimmery pink, Brightening Sunlight is a golden pink shimmer.
 The new line of primers called bareMinerals Prime Time Primer Shadows are color, heavy pigmented shadows. They are extremely long lasting. You can wear them alone or apply shadow over them to give your eyeshadows a boost. Racing Green is like the primer version of OZ mixed with Spright, a beautiful rich emerald green. Urban Nature is taupe/grey base with a purple sheen. Sundance is a golden orange base with golden shimmer. Chroma Violet is beautiful violet base with a sheen of iridescent pink & diamond twinkles.Bronzed Twig is a deep brown with gold shimmer.  Gunmetal is a gorgeous metallic grey with silver glimmer.
 These color shadows are extremely long lasting. I've worn them all and their stay power is amazing. I even slept in my makeup one night & my eyeshadow still looked amazing the following day! This made me super happy cause I have oily lids so for eyeshadow to last 24hrs, its got to be good! I totally recommend these especially now for the summer. Its the perfect eye makeup in seconds! Also perfect for those days where you're running late or just want a quick look. I love all the colors but Brightening Opal, Urban Nature, Gunmetal & Chroma Violet are my absolute favorites! I think everyone needs at least 2 of these in their makeup case.

These Primers are the same size as the current ones in Bare Escentuals Boutiques & at stores .1 Fl oz/ 3g except for Brightening Opal which is half the size, .05Fl oz/ 1.5g. These should hit shelves sometime early July. Please note that only Primer Shadows will be released this day. Brightening Opal & Brightening Sunlight are eyeshadow primers that are currently available only as part of the kits I listed above.
 Hope you enjoy this review! Let me know how you feel about these, comment below!

Peace & Sparkles,


  1. woohoo!! love the review, thanks for the info

  2. wow!! These are awesome!! Thank you Jess for once again enabling me!!! Can't wait - LOVE them ALL!

  3. OMG! THESE are fantastic!!! I came to your link from Heather's blog to check out the F.& F. code and just HAD to see these new primers. They are AWESOME! I know some ladies were already mixing the brightening primers with color and it looks like BE took that idea and ran with it. I can't wait! I think my shadows may get jealous though cause I just may end up spending the whole summer in there GORGEOUS primer shadows. I wish I had a fairy godmother like yours that brings me such lovely goodies! LUCKY YOU!!