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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bare Escentuals Extreme Glimmers #3

Hi Beauties,
 As you may already know, I am a huge fan of Extreme Glimmers! I wish BE would come out with these more often. The new shades are the mega glimmer versions of Vanilla Sugar, Moss & Soul Sister. Unlike the first & second versions, these are shades that already exist in the BE line. I was super excited when I heard Soul Sister cause I thought it would look amazing with Extreme Plum! I will be wearing this tomorrow with Queen Marie & Hugs.
 I know a lot of people stray from the Extremes because of the glimmer & because of the fall out. I've worn Extremes since they were released. If you use a tight brush with a small head like a Tapered Shadow Brush, Mini Maximum Concealer Brush or the double ended Heal & Conceal brush you should not have a problem. Instead of Swirl, Tap & Buff, what you want to do is press the minerals into the brush with a back & forth motion on the lid, tap, press some more, tap then gently glide onto the lid. This has minimal fall out & maximum glimmer results!
 During Leslie's last visit at the Q she said you can mix the Extremes with eye primer to make a paste & apply it on to the lid. I tried this & it seems to be super chunky & it mattifies the sparkle of the Extremes. So its not for me but it may work for others.
  Below are photos of the kit & swatches of Leslie's technique verses regular glide on technique.

Extreme Glimmers #3 is currently available at QVC Extreme Glimmers  for $34 or you can wait for it to hit Boutiques sometime this Summer. The kit cost $34.


  1. wow- much cuter than I thought they would be!

  2. I have this collection Jess but have yet to try them :( 'Help' is what I need if you please, teach me once again? Seeing as though you 'Love' them so very, very, much, please...