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Friday, November 12, 2010

The More The Merrier Collection

Hi Beauties!
 I am not sure when this will be released or who will be selling it, will update that later ;) But I figure since I have the colors may as well do a review for ya! All of the colors in this collection were previously released in either QVC A-D/QVC collections, Sephora collections, Ulta GWP or at another store that carries BE.
 This collection has an array of colors which is awesome. It has pink, green, blue, plum, brown & bronze. The glosses are beautiful shades also previously released in either a QVC AD collection or a BE collection.
Since I don't own the actual More the Merrier, I can not post photos of how it comes or when & where it is being sold. I can however show you the beauties that come in this collection so you can decide if it's a must have or you can leave it. The following is a list of all the goodies in this collection.

Eyecolors ALL Mini
Euphoria (creamy peach)
Delight (whispery lavender)
Magical (dark plum pansy)
Luminous Topaz (pink pearl champagne)
Wild Beauty (cocoa bronze)
Purrfect (medium golden green)
Non-Fat Candy (smoky purple) Looks smoky silver
Cherry Coco Truffle (dark cherry chocolate)
Aquamarine (metallic jade)
Creme De Menthe (emerald espresso)

Lipgloss Mini's
Iced Champagne
Muffin Top
Sugared Strawberry

Face Colors Small
Gossamer (twilight sheen)
First Blush blush (cherry blossom)

And you get a black case with it. Below are photos of the collection colors.

Here is the link where you can purchase MORE THE MERRIER and the collection goes for $79!
Have a most Sparkly Day!


  1. Thanks Jess. Your swatches are fantabulous. Now I need to see how many of these I actually have

  2. Oh yes - your swatches are ALWAYS marvelous! My only complaint? I buy things I didn't plan on after seeing them!!!

  3. sweet!!! love the swatches- now a "look" please!!

  4. NEED to find an AQUAMARINE!!!! Not only do I LOVE the color, but it is my birthstone too!!!!

    Do you know if it is available anywhere on its own?

    Can't swing the whole collection right now, but would LOVE to get myself the AQUA for my birthday ;)

    Thanks for sharing the swatches are so good to us!!!!

    BE Well my friend!!!