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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Women Of BE

Women of BE is a collection of colors that BE has released throughout the years, named after customers. I did not purchase this collection because I already own the shades. However I would recommend this collection because of all the beautiful colors in it. Not to mention, some that are no longer available. These gorgeous shades come in an adorable pink box with a little yellow bow & can be purchased by clicking HERE Women of BE contains the following:
Mini Eyecolors
Beautiful Susan
Beautiful Autumn
Beautiful Lisa
Beautiful Melodie
Exotic Victoria
Exotic Laura
Exotic Tara
Exotic Sandra
Girlfriend Michelle
Girlfriend Margo
Girlfriend Kathleen
Girlfriend Tina
Starlet Casey
Starlet Karen
Starlet Catherine
Starlet Leigh Ann
Radiant Rebecca
Treasured Terri

Sorry I can't include a picture of the box as I will only post photos on here that have been taken by me.
This great collection is only available at QVC for a limited time. The price for this collection is $79.92.
The Women Of B.E. Collection


  1. OMG ... those are completely gorgeous and feeling a enabling moment coming on ... not to mention there is one name after me ... who would have thought ... Is foiling get the product wet and then applying it? I keep forgetting to ask ....

  2. Yes Michelle. Foiling is when you wet the brush & create a paste with the minerals on the lid of the jar then apply to the eyes.
    I will be doing a photo tutorial on foiling next week.

  3. Oh wow oh wow!! Just when I think I have talked myself out of this kit, you show us how beautiful and a must have this is!!! :D

  4. Holy Moly! How Can They Possibly BE Even BEtter Then I Imagined? Oh Jessica Thank You For Sharing Your Fabulous Skill, BEcause You Make It All Even More Wanted...........Very, Very, Sincerely, Marie

  5. You rock for doing all these swatches! No one could possibly resist after seeing them all lined up like that. ;)

  6. Im trying to get a little organization for a stash that is quickly growing ... I was doing some cross referencing and noticed something interested ... It looks like some of these are from kits and not just individual colors ... Am I correct? Only a few months into this so still learning something new each day and all the holiday goodness ...